Trax Club

Welcome to Trax Club - the community site for Trax app users.

Trax UK provides a wealth of information for track drivers and motorsports enthusiasts. It's a living application, changing from week to week as more content is provided.

Trax allows you to:

  • Get familiarised with each venue and it's locality
  • Review other's laps and understand their relative performance
  • Load you own laps recorded on a 3rd party logger
  • Keep up to date with trackday, test and race events
See the App Store for Trax UK app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Joining the Trax Club community adds:

  • Save your laps from a session
  • Share your laps with the community
  • Search the community for other laps that meet your criteria
  • Advanced access to new content
  • Exclusive access to special content
The Trax Club community provides unprecedented review of professional, instructor and colleague's laps versus your own skills.

The fee of £10 helps us to run and manage the community site, and covers you for one of each class of device (media player, smart phone, tablet) on all available platforms.