Trax UK has been extensively tested but there are always a few things that require more attention.

Here's a few issues we thought we'd let you know that we know about and will be addressing in a future release:

Trax UK App

  • The May Bug and the June Bug
    • well this is just embarrassing - how many times have we used the calendar and not noticed we've swapped the number of days in May and June when drawing the date ribbon in the events view!
    • The dates in the events when opened are correct.
    • The day numbers for June are one weekday late.
    • Dates after June are correct.
    • This is fixed and ready for the first maintenance release.
  • Rarely, some calendars stop updating – this appears to be to do with a caching option when fetching new data. Going into Safari’s settings and selecting Clear Cache fixes the problem.
    • This is fixed and ready for the first maintenance release.


  • The content for each circuit, and the circuits included, will continue to change.
    • Watch out for updates including track histories and best lap times.
    • Professional laps will be added as the season progresses.
    • Look out for our Trax UK calendar in the Events section to find out about planned updates.
    • Smaller updates will be summarised as new content releases happen.
  • The auto-fit of logs to the track is done by one of two algorithms. If there is an ideal line for the circuit Trax UK will use that; if not it uses the cone placements.
    • Sometimes the algorithm finds a 'second' best fit which it prefers but may not stay completely on the track. There is no current work-around for this but we will seek to improve the success with experience.
  • Although we've done our best to get accurate circuit outlines, sometimes what we have researched differs from the GPS log.
    • We will correct these over time, as we get more evidence for where the truth is.
  • Some of the logs we have used show occasional variations of heading and velocity to that computed directly from the GPS data.
    • We will look at this further in consultation with Racelogic, for a later release.
  • Some Professional or Downloaded laps may use an alternative car avatar to represent the vehicle making the run.
    • As we continue developing car models on our list we will update these.
    • Professional laps will update automatically, Downloaded laps you will have to download again.
    • Where a lap does not have a declared or available vehicle, you can override the vehicle with a model in your car library.

For support on use of data loggers and issues with the created logs, please consult your data logger’s manufacturer support. The app provides a page of advice on general use of data loggers, repeated here.

To report a problem, in advance of the Trax-Club web site being fully live, please use this email address Support @ Trax-Club , and be prepared with screenshots and log data as appropriate.